History of Meadowcourt

"You never really own Meadowcourt, you are only a custodian" Little did we know 6 years ago when we brought this house, just how much it has changed our lives.


Since the house was built in 1914 I have been able to find out the families that have owned the house.

1914 - 1926  - The Snodin's

1926 - 1935 - The Beeby's

1935 - Unknown - The Clarke's

Unknown - 1998 - The Stean's

1998 - 2016 - The Kirk's

2016 - Present Day - The Leonard's

Here are a few newspaper excerpts over the years that feature Meadowcourt and its custodians

Meadowcourt is special for a variety of reasons but one of them is that we made some very special friendship born out of buying the house.
Six years ago my husband Adam sold his business and we decided to buy our dream house. We didn't know what that actually where or what that of. We lived in the heart of Leicester in a new build house and knew we wanted something that had some character. My father was seriously ill at the time and my only pre requisite was I could get to him within half an hour of wherever we lived. 
After seeing about 12 houses, I'd spotted Meadowcourt on Rightmove and convinced Adam to book a viewing, he had two concerns the wallpaper in the downstairs toilet ( I told him we can change that, although we never have as I really like it.) and the fact the house had no en suites. I said lets just have a look, so one February day we drove down the drive and fell in love, we hadn't got to the door yet but Adam gave me the look and said don't fall in love until we at least see the inside. We were greeted by a lovely lady called Clare, and I made it in to the hallway and I knew it was going to be our forever home. Clare explained they had raised their 3 children here and it was time to let another family take the reins. 
After the viewing we fortunately Adam felt exactly the same way. So after arranging another viewing and meeting Clare's husband Trevor and maybe consuming a bottle of wine or two, not only had we brought our dream house we had made friends for life. That was six years ago now.
We always call the house a 'She' and at times boy does she test us, not long back she managed to burst a pipe behind a sink at 2.30am on Sunday morning and we couldn't turn the water off so I sat with my finger over the hole for 4 hours until the emergency plumber could come out, that's the sort of test we get regularly. She has broadened my horizons now, my DIY skills and plumbing, heating, electricity knowledge has vastly improved.

The garden is so important to the house and we have constantly looked to be sympathetic to the house and the era it was built. I've learnt so much over the last 6 years and I wanted to add my own legacy not only to the house but the garden also and what better way to do that, than to create Meadowcourt Gin.  I hope in 100 years time when we are long gone and someone else wonders about the history of their beautiful new home they will find this and smile.

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